So after nearly twenty years I tried to get on a bike the other day. Big mistake. I remembered why I never liked biking as a child. I have no balance for it. Don’t get me wrong with the help of two very good friends I got going and pedalled my friends bike for of few meters until I crashed into a small boulder . Yes! I crashed into a giant rock. The bike is fine. I got away with a scraped knee. My friends, nice as they are, said the best the lesson for me to learn would be get right back on and try again. Only this time it’d be much easier as I’d be going down hill. Right! Rolling my eyes I decided to give it another try. Failure. I didn’t crash in a rock know I landed into a sand box. The bike lying on top of me. Once again the bike is fine. I got away with some torn away skin on the side of foot. The kids in our neighbourhood water park had a hoot watching me, a grown woman learn and fail how, to them is a simple feat — riding a bike. I’ve decided I’ll keep to walking.