In the moments of clarity during my migraine period I’ve been working on Wrecked in Love ~ the Sequel edits here’s a sneak peak for you…

The plink, plink, plink as the raindrops hit the already large puddles entered his consciousness as the lie burnt through his system.  The tremor at the base of his spine rocketed upward alighting each and every nerve it touched. From one moment to the next his lungs could no longer compress air in and out. Blood stopped coursing through his veins.
The plink, plink, plink of the raindrops went on and on. Pierced the last of his armor. Derek fell on his heels as the last twenty years clicked in place with resounding force. All he’d built, everything he believed his life stood on—a lie. He knew the walls he’d put in place, the control he thrived on. All of it, because he couldn’t let anyone else in as deep as the two women of his youth.