As the kiss progressed, heated and intensified the more out of depth he felt. Her sweet tongue tangled with his. Her nectar intoxicated his senses. The scent of honeysuckle and clover perfumed the air, rendering him mad with need. Soon he would spread her open and plunder deep. The point of no return neared. Fear gripped his insides. Her earlier words leaked in his consciousness.

“Fuck not now,” he chastised himself.

Ignoring the warning bells going off in his head, he let his roaring hunger take over and savored the delicious nectar she offered. Derek cupped her voluptuous breasts. His chest heaved with humility as he swallowed the moan that escaped her lips. What the fuck? He didn’t understand his feelings anymore. She truly turned him inside out.

Derek tore his mouth away from hers. With their kiss broken with such abrupt force, he gritted his teeth in hopes to regain the control he thrived on. And never seemed to find the moment she entered his sphere.