I should’ve told them about my crowd phobia before they strapped me into this thing. Tye thought as a leggy blonde stage attendant buckled his ankle to the wooden spanking bench. His wrist had already been secured. Now his ankles were snug and tight. It seemed his sister had left nothing amiss in organising this ‘special night’ for him. Tye’s heart thumped in his chest when the stage attendant placed a velvet blindfold to cover his sight. At least now he wouldn’t see the small crowd gathered behind the two way glass. The peeping glass. Watching him in his… guilty pleasure. One he so rarely let himself indulge in.

Tye remembered the last time he satiated his passion. Almost two years ago. Under the expert hand of Master Enrique, another one of his sister’s ‘gift’s’. Jessica had been adamant at the time that he overworked himself, blah, blah, blah, so she shipped him off to Mexico for two weeks. Right in the hands of the most sensual Dom he’d ever met. Tye’s cock hardened at the memory of the candle lit cave where Master Enrique took him on the most intense sexual journey of his life. Tye learnt to bend and respect his limits. And he loved every minute he spent under his firm, fiery hand.

His nostrils flared when the stage attendant came up to him. The distinct smell of rubber excited his senses. “Open,” she commanded. Eagerly, he opened his mouth and she stuffed a ball gag into it. Once she’d gotten the device tightly secured behind his head, she took his palm and put a piece of cloth into it. “If at any point the play is too rough, or the Master breaches one of your hard limits, drop this on the floor and the scene will stop immediately. Nod if you understand,” she explained. Tye nodded.

Her high heels clicking off the stage set his heart on a high speed chase in his chest as he waited for tonight’s Master to make his appearance. For a split second Tye let his hopes rise. Nah, it’s impossible. He crushed it at soon it popped into his overexcited brain. The Dom of his dreams sadly lived 2240 thousand miles away and couldn’t just walk out on this stage. Could he?

The cool breeze on his thighs and balls kept his heart racing. Waiting always heightened the experience for him. Sometimes he hated the weird connection he and his sister shared… and sometimes he loved it. By weird connection Tye meant the psychic bond linking them, the one he couldn’t sever. The one his sister used to see and feel his emotions. The same one he could use to see and feel hers. So, he knew Jess did this to acknowledge the feelings he suppressed in himself for too long.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here, heart pounding, cock hard as a rock pressed against the soft leather of the spanking bench waiting to have his guilty pleasures unleashed upon him. The sound of heavy footfalls alerted him of tonight’s Master’s presence on the stage. Blood boiled in his veins.

“You don’t call.” Twack.

Tye’s heart stopped in his chest. It couldn’t be. Yet, he’d recognised that smooth caramel voice anywhere. He heard it in his dreams every night. And the sensation of that palm on his flesh… he could barely contain his glee.

“You don’t write.” Thwack.

Master Enrique looked at his sub with pride. His rump already turning a nice shade of pink from the hard slaps received. Time to heat things up. He let the flame of his ancestors travel through him. “Oh, you have been a very naughty one indeed.” Thwack. This time some of the blue sparks of his power flew off of his palm.

“Sí, Sí, I understand, su hermana, told me you’re a very busy, ombre.” Master Enrique let his hand fly in quick repetitive motion thwack, thwack, thwack. Each time more blue fire spilled from his fingers. He paused a moment to admire the red, swollen flesh before him. Drawing in more energy he felt the ancient flame travel through his core.

“Like a good Master, I know… sueñas con este,” he whispered in his sub’s ear before releasing the energy in rapid fire. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack and on the final smack the blue flames of his fingers grazed his balls.

Tye’s heart raced. His breath caught in his throat. How did he know about his dreams? Had Jessica told him? It didn’t matter. He felt no shame. He wanted this, wanted him. His cock throbbed for release, but he’d wait. And when his Dom told him he could cum, it’d be that much more sweeter.

“So very nice and hot,” Master said running his hand over the tender flesh of his ass, “I wonder, do you have la resistencia for more…” He let his hand fly. Blue fire encompassed his entire body by now. Bolts of it shot out of his palm in a blue arc forming a whip. He wielded it down on his sub’s upturned cheeks in a crisscross pattern until his limbs shook with need of release. He recalled the fire. Let his fingers cool. Uncapped the small container of balm he kept on him, applied a small amount to his index and massaged it onto the red hot skin.

Tye breathed in the scent of Arnica and beeswax. His body shook with the exertion of holding his orgasm at bay. When Master Enrique’s finger’s rimmed his hole he didn’t think he could win the battle. He fought against his restraint, bit into his ball gag. He wanted nothing more than spill his seed. His entire being shook.

“Sí, Sí, mi ombre, you can cum for me now,” he whispered.

Tye would do anything for that caramel voice. And that’s one order he had no trouble obeying. Hot semen shot out of his cock onto the leather bench spilling onto the floor at his Master’s feet.