“I feel it consume me from the inside out Cat,” I say nervously to my best friend.
“You’re over exaggerating, over thinking. Just relax, Billy,” she tells me.
I roll my eyes at how easily she dismisses my growing fear that I’ve become a sex addict.
“I saw that,” she says.
“Oh please, you’re ten thousand miles away and we’re not skyping at the moment.” I stick out my tongue at my phone.
“Saw that too,” she says.
“Fine, fine. Don’t believe me!”
“Okay, tell me why again you think you’re such a sex craved maniac…”
“Well.” Just thinking about my latest naughty episode heats my blood. “Here goes,” I say and launch into my sexy tale…

Last night when I went down to the laundry room, I bumped into my drop dead gorgeous neighbors in 22G, the two tall, dark, tattooed, and very yummy guys I’ve been drooling over since I’ve moved here. God Cat, I never knew my body could bend the way these guys made it bend. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It started innocently. I asked them if I could have some of their detergent since I’d run out.

“Sure,” Trent said on one condition.
I gave him a sexy smile and said “anything.”
“Dangerous words,” Connor replied, coming up behind me.
Next thing I knew they’d strung me up on the clothesline, like a piece of clothes hung up to dry. I felt like a pig on a spit, ready for roasting. Hand and feet bound to clothesline head hanging down. Every part me felt totally aroused to be so exposed. I saw the effect the sight of me, like this had on them. Two large cocks stood erect before my eyes. They tasted every inch me, Cat.
Trent, fed his cock. No, he fucked my mouth in long hard strokes. And Connor fisted my pussy. Yeah, you heard me, not fingered. Fisted. Beaked fingers like a duck plunging in fist deep until I squirted and squirted and squirted some more. When I thought I could take no more they twisted my body around in the lines and took me, both cocks pumping. One in my ass, the other my sopping wet pussy. Another orgasm rocketed through me, but I still craved more. They’ve turned me into a sex craved monster. I can’t stop thinking about their hands on me. Their cocks in me. Cat what am I gonna do?

“Go knock on their door and ask for more, silly.” Her best friend laughs as though Lily has misses the obvious solution of all.