I like the sentiments expressed in this blog, so true! Why aspire to ABC or XYZ when being yourself comes naturally and in end we all want our writing to be a natural flow of words on paper not something forced out because maybe XYZ would have written it this or that way. Kudos to Jules for staying true to who she is. Wise leson learned 😀

Naughty Quills

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Oh, if it were just that easy to start a story … or finish it with “and they lived happily ever after”. But … it isn’t.


The last two years I’ve focused on improving my writing by taking classes and reading books, and talking to other authors about plotting, characterization, themes, motifs (which, um, still like wtf?), arcs, first act, second act, black moment, third act, resolution, until my head spun and  my heart sunk.

Could I ever be the writer that XYZ is? Or would I ever say the words as eloquently, excitedly, ferociously (etc., etc.) as ABC?  Would I ever stop using adverbs? 😉

Or am I just as good as I ever will be?

giphy (82)The questions haunted my gut like a bad fruitcake for the last quarter of 2016 while I continued to write and throw away words. And write and discard words. And write and…

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