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And the winner is Sophie! Congrats on coming up with A haunting to curl up with. So fitting of my ghost appearance in the majority of my books. Watch for the new slogan to pop up soon 🙂


Slogan Contest

To all Ignite Your Soul participant and attendees I'm giving you all the chancd to come up with a new slogan. As you saw on my home page my current one is Roxanna Cross - Erotic Romance you can really... Continue Reading →


There are some quotes that stick with you because they inspire us to push ourself to the breaking point and beyond. What quotes spark inspiration in you?


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Fake News! #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

Love the your face attitude! Go girl 100% support here!

Naughty Quills

Happy Friday one and all, hope you had a great week, and also have a fabulous weekend. Let’s get down to business…


The following is for Adult audiences only, as it may offend the weak willed and those with guilty consciences. It is my personal opinion, and only an opinion. It will contain profanity, several cliche’s, and likely sting those where it strikes too close to home. Enjoy.

First off, the title. I’m not talking about Fox News, Breitbart or whatever the hell it is that comes from the White House briefings. We’re authors after all, and all that crap is really nothing more than inspiration, and fodder for our next villain(s). It’s also a lot of shitty white noise that is unfortunately on nearly every station you tune into, even here in Canada. Personally I institute the mandatory eye roll, and go about my day.


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Mean Girls #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

#meangirls #truthat #unite

Naughty Quills

Happy Tuesday, folks. I should probably warn you, this might get a tad ranty. As the title says, I’m talking mean girls today, specifically those in the author playground.



Hmm, yes. I heard something this week, which left me stumped, namely authors in one publishing house talking trash about a fellow author in the same house.

giphy-downsized (1)

Come on now, peeps that is so not cool. Now, I get, it, personalities clash,  things said are taken out of context, the ugly green-eyed monster rears its head…. we’re human… I. Get.It.

But for the love of all that is holy try to keep things professional, especially when you’re voicing such opinions in front of readers. It makes us all look bad and like the mean girls. Really, haven’t we left those antics behind on the playground?

We’ve said it many times on here, there is room for all of us. This is…

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Take time to chill #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

Got love spa days, amazing way to recharge the batteries!

Naughty Quills

Happy Friday one and all. It’s been a crazy, hectic week so this will be a short post. To that end, I’ll get down to business.

We’ve all been exhausted at one point or another in our lives. Being an adult is pretty damn exhausting when you consider all we do in a day. As authors we need to be aware that when we’re tired this can have an effect not only on our lives, but also our writing. One thing I know from personal experience is that as the day wears on and I’m writing, the more likely it is that I write my characters being worn out, yawning, thinking about bed. It’s perfectly natural, but something to remember and be aware of. Especially if you don’t want your characters climbing into bed every second chapter – at least not for sleeping, lol!

Now, not only does our sleepy…

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Heat Wave

The heat wave as started, keep it going with these hot reads. Download today's title @ Happy reading xox

Daily hot reads ~ Extasy Summer Shorts

July is when the summer heat is on. Extasy Books knows this and are offering one sizzling title every day this month to rise up the heat wave. So check them out today @ Be sure to check in... Continue Reading →

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