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Summer is here

And with the onset of summer the long awaited Summer Shorts by Extasy Books are just around the corner. Come Canada Day warm up your e-readers and start the downloads for every day in July will bring you a hot... Continue Reading →

A minty infusion with a citrus twist

Feeling under the weather? Got that scratchy feeling nagging the back of your throat, or stuffed up sinuses giving you grief? Don't run to the pharmacy just yet. Boil up some up water and make some tea instead. A nice... Continue Reading →

Wrecked in Love the Sequel

A ghostly voice pulling the strings, fragmented control at the reins, buried secrets brought to light—is there any hope for a second chance… Josephine Herveaux attempts to quiet the ghostly voice in her head, but her cousin Geraldine won’t let... Continue Reading →

Erotic Romance – What Exactly Is it?

Proud to write erotic romance

Naughty Quills

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!

Every time I see someone who writes erotic romance novels say they write erotica, I want to toss my laptop across the room.

What exactly ISerotic romance? Is it the same as erotica? Well, no, if you’re using the definitions that most publishers use to distinguish the two. But more important than the labels, since I see authors EVERY DAY who call themselves writers of erotica, when in reality they write erotic romance, let’s first back up a few steps and talk about what makes it a ROMANCE, period. That might help with the distinctions.

roses-and-musicMost publishers use the RWA (Romance Writers of America) definition, or close to it, to define what exactly a romance is:

A central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. 

Read their full definition by clicking HERE.

There is also…

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Geõla Tidings

Geõla is thy name Out of the darkness I am growing I am changing Waiting For this season of cold and white To come to its end For the wheel to turn And bring back the light Blessed Yule tidings... Continue Reading →


Candlelight Mesmerized Eyes caught By the dancing flame Of the giant sized candle Burning this Yule night Its orange flame like a beacon Its bright blue pillar, a spear of hope And the evergreens all around, sign of new beginnings... Continue Reading →

FF#4 A Winter Solstice Faith’s Restored.

Bryn tugs on the ash log and brings it in the house. December 21st, already… and she’s just now bringing in the Yule log. Her mother would have been ashamed. May the great Mother take care of her Spirit. She... Continue Reading →

Extasy Books Holiday Countdown

The countdown is on everybody! Extasy Books tantalizing short stories are already heating up e-readers everywhere. They're the new hot stocking stuffers of 2016! A Haunted Christmas will be available for download at the stroke of midnight when Christmas Eve... Continue Reading →

A Haunted Christmas coming your way…

Crave a hot new read over this Holiday season? Looking for a spicy stocking stuffer? Enjoy a troubled heroine? Sexy alpha-males willing to do anything for love? And angels to guide the way? If you answered YES to one of... Continue Reading →

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