My next short story, Oktoberfest Addiction, will be released in the Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 by Cleis Press you can pre-order your copy today!

Big Book of Submission, Volume 2



Impulse attraction, crazy summer heat wave, out of control emotions can this recipe drive them to more than just a summer fling?

The sudden death of her parents jarred her reality. For the past year, Candy Rivers has been overwhelmed with grief and lives her life behind a veil, not letting herself feel anything for too long. At times, she can be pulled from behind her screens to live in the present. A tall, dark, sexy-as-hell patient manages such a feat. Leaving morsels of herself exposed and vulnerable to the real world.

Wrecked in Love the Sequel is here! You can now find out what’s in store for Josephine and Derek.


A ghostly voice pulling the strings, fragmented control at the reins, buried secrets brought to light—is there any hope for a second chance…

Josephine Herveaux attempts to quiet the ghostly voice in her head, but her cousin Geraldine won’t let up. The closer she gets to the man she’s yearned for as long as she can remember, the more intense her cousin’s voice grows. And she’s not the only ghost who comes for a visit.

OCD Dom Derek Owens stands at the pinnacle of everything he’s built his life on. In one instant he crosses that line and he feels he should be punished for it. All because Josephine is back in town and his control lies in fragments at his feet.

Josephine and Derek fight to quiet Geraldine’s ghost, but she’s not ready to let go of the past—yet. And she’s not the only one who might have a say in this union.

A gripping story that’ll leave you hanging. Crave the answers. Sign up to my ‘Series Hotline’ and be the first to know when Wrecked in Love 3 will be released and get your chance at giveaway copies I’ll have up for grabs. Send your name and email to subject line: Series Hotline.

A Haunted Christmas — a bit a magic just what we need ’tis season.


A magical mistletoe, mystical dream walks and a angel’s helping hand, perfect recipe to put a heart back together?

Gifted or cursed? However people in her life chose to see her twisted ability its left Kiera Reeve broken. Her heart completely split in two. Can the magic of Christmas fuse it back together?

Daryl Wolfe watches the love of his life suffer through the Holiday season from up in the clouds until an angel offers him an opportunity he possibly can’t refuse even though he might spend the rest of eternity in torment.

Jolon Woods struggles with an ethical decision to help the woman he loves move forward from the lost of her beloved’s death. This Christmas he leaves his ethics aside and hopes the magic of the season will be on his side.

Raziel can only hope his plan to save the conduit works otherwise the paras and angel alike are all doomed.

Wrecked in Love Book One get your copy today! Wrecked in Love Book Two is just around the corner in the new year 🙂


Josephine stood caught in one of those moments—the ones that sent her heart running a marathon and her sanity flying out the window. Why else would she have been driven to her knees with fright not from nearly being crushed to death by a two ton truck, but by the man jumping out of its cab? Derek Owens. Oh my.

Worse, she found herself staring back at him just as hard as he seemed to stare at her. Her gaze got lost in the dark amber pools. Golden sparks flared near the irises. Sweet Jesus, not even five minutes back in town. Technically, not even in town yet, and she’d managed to make him mad. Furious, even. Her teeth sank down on her lower lip. Guess I pushed his buttons.

“Do you have a death a wish?” he roared.

His voice, deep and rich, resonated in parts of her that had been left dormant for far too long, jostling her system in an unexpected way. Goosebumps formed under her skin. Bubbles of lava danced on her spine. The contrast between the creeping cold and invading heat felt disconcerting.

“C’mon Jo, don’t you remember what I always told you about this damn curve? You can’t just stop in the middle of it like that. Christ, I could have killed you!”

“You’re such a pompous ass idiot sometimes! Of course I know the damn road. You know what, Derek, you’re absolutely right. I planned for this, for my car to break down at the worst possible spot in the blind curve. Oh, I also planned for your truck to come barreling down and come crashing into me. That’s right, I planned it all. As my welcome back to town party—Right!” Jo rolled her eyes skyward and huffed aloud to let out the steam of frustration this man always seemed to evoke inside of her.

Some things never changed.

* * * *

Derek’s fingers twitched. He wanted to march up to her, take her over his knee and teach her the lesson she richly deserved. No female challenged him. He ruled. No one talked back to him. How dare she?

Pure lust gnawed his insides raw. He admired her strength, her spirit. It drove him wild the way she ran her mouth. As much as he wanted to spank her for it, it stirred up old tendrils of… could that be… friendship?

“Damn Jo, I am sorry. Of course you didn’t mean for your car to break down here of all places. It’s just…” his voice trailed off.

“It’s just you acted like a big jerk and put your foot in your mouth like you always do.” She put her fist on her curvy waist and cocked her eyebrow up at him, challenging him.

Every hair on his body stood on edge. His jaw locked. Damn, she knew how to push his buttons. And here he’d done for her something he never did—apologize. He’d actually said those words to her, I am sorry, and she’d called him a jerk. The bitter taste in his mouth reminded him why he never did this.

The need to dominate grew inside. This, however, was definitely not the right time or place. The only way he could gain control would be by towing her car to her summer house and getting her out of the road and out of his way—at least for tonight.

“Just get in the truck, Jo! I’ll get the damn cables and tow you up the rest of the way,” he snapped.


Any ladies excepting A Special Delivery from a secret admirer, it can be muy caliente…

“Pheeeewwww,” I let out a long breath and turn the knob. “Made it.” Perhaps the fact that I at times talk to myself is one of the reason the tenants consider me odd. Oh well. Here in my little sanctuary I finally peel my treasure box. My breath catches in my throat. I knew they would be beautiful. Exquisite is the real word to use to describe the delicate crimson Chinese silk scarves within. Slowly I pull one out. The softness of it under my fingers is like thick melted chocolate—smooth and sinful.

My fingers reach inside for the other items. Eagerly they pull out the custom made lingerie of leather and chain. The rich buttery leather feels exquisite against my skin and the finely detailed work of the knitted mail is so delicate it almost looks fragile—almost. First, I admire the bra with the requested fitted adjustable nipple clamps. My nipples immediately harden in anticipation. Second, I am captivated by the matching panties with the specified built in bullet clit vibe. My vulva throbs; pulses as if the vibe were already dancing on it.

I can’t wait anymore I tear off my clothes right here in my vestibule and bring one of the silky scarf to my eyes, tie it tightly behind my head. Blindly, I pick-up the custom made leather and chain bra, wiggle it on clamping my aroused nipples as hard as I can almost to the point of pain. The flood of pleasure that infuses my pores and pussy tells me I have not breached that pleasure/pain threshold. I put on the specialty panties and turn on the bullet vibe.


If you have a passion for fruits and roots and uniforms this Supermarket Slut will tickle your fancy.

I turn around and I am met with a tall sandy blond man in the supermarket uniform I recognize. He’s one of the floor managers. From the name tag above his left breast I see that his name is Dwayne. He’s really handsome. Even in the hideous uniform of beige slack, white and black and red checkered print button down shirt, red bow tie, and black vest. His tan skin, rich brown eyes with gold flecks and solid frame makes the entire thing look sexy somehow. I just want to growl. I have no issues following him anywhere.

He leads me towards the back of the supermarket into a brick hallway and pushes open the double black doors.

“This way,” he says as he points towards the end of long corridor. I follow his steps and swish my hips as I walk next to him. Dwayne opens the last door. It’s red. I don’t know if this is an ominous sign or not. I gulp as I feel my heart begin to palpitate in my chest.

“Please have seat.” He indicates a hard plastic chair across a wooden table.

Sitting will drive my butt plug higher up my ass. I bite my lower lip. I know it will intensify the feeling of it inside of me the moment my ass hits the chair. With my eyes locked on his I sit. The shock to my system is instantiations. I squeeze my thighs together; clenching the cherries tighter inside of me. Setting off yet another set of desires. My clit is pulsing. My heart is racing and my blood, well, it’s boiling for so many reasons: the ginger butt plug for one, this ominous meeting for another, and this fuckable gorgeous a man for another. Who knew a guy in uniform—a supermarket one at that—could get me all hot and bothered? Okay, okay I got myself hot and bothered before uniform guy, but still hot-o-rama!

“I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you, why I’ve asked you to join me here. I saw you put some items in your purse. I’m afraid I will I’ve to search your bag,” he states.

“Sure, if you insist.” I slide over my canvas bag with a smile.

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A Sizzling read to melt your core with a little bit of everything for every one and every taste!

“Say it,” Matt commanded.

I shook my head from side to side.

“Say it,” he barked again.

I wrung my fingers and shook my head even more.

“Becca.” His tone cold as ice made me give up my futile attempt and I admitted what he wanted to hear.

“Yes, I want you,” I hated that my voice quaked so I filled my lungs once again and with composure I told him “But. I. Wont. Act. On. It.” Each word precise leaving no room to mistake their intent. With that said I turned and walked away.

He overtook me after two steps.

“Becca.” Now his voice turned into warm honey drizzling over my senses. I felt the sweetness of it melting away my resolve not to give in to him. I pulled up straight—spine rigid—shoulders squared. I looked up and up until I saw his deep brown eyes. “Matt,” I felt proud that my voice remained detached.

“Let me have you,” he purred.

“No.” I side-stepped him and hurried down the hall to my apartment.


“Phhewwww.” I exhaled the breath I hadn’t realized I held onto. My encounters with Matt were getting more and more intense. I didn’t know how long I would be able to hold him at bay.

Lip-smacking-scrumptious man any female would swoon over. Tall—6’4” of sinuous muscles from head to toe, dark—tousled brown curls that I wanted to touch to see if they were as satiny as they looked, ruggedly handsome face—square jaw, slanted nose, lips—oh my God can’t think about those—broad shoulders, powerful back, a waist that could actually be called one, long legs that looked good in anything. And a voice that filled me with ice cold shivers or searing hot need.

These feelings of mine they are just not normal at least not for Matt. Off limits! My mind screamed over and over again.


Reading an old favorite never hurts and this Dom/sub combo in Mine won’t disappoint.

He never disappointed me.

Ours may not be the normal dominant/submissive relationship, but he understands my need to be taken, claimed and branded. And I understand his need to control me with his cock, his touch, at times soft and tender, or, like now, hard and cruel.

He never ceases to amaze me. He responds to my needs thoroughly, seeing to them hundred percent. Even if I’m the one submitting to his control, I know I hold all the power. He’s proven it to me time after time by fulfilling any number of my crazy fantasies, this being the latest.

I felt the orgasm build in my lower abdomen as he kept the cruel rhythm of his punishing plunges.

“Speak!” he commanded.

“Yes, I love everything you said. My nipples are so hard they hurt. My clit is pulsing. You can tell better than me how hot and wet and tight my pussy is.”

“And if Jason were to walk-in the boardroom?”

“I-I…” I closed my mouth, unwilling to express this part of my fantasy to him. What if I pushed too far? Revealed too much? Would he still want to possess me?


Fall in love all over again with my first published short story ~ Belted In

The shutter goes off again. This time closer, I feel the heat of the flash on my cheek.

“I really like these turquoise jute ropes. They bring out the natural glow of your lovely skin. I can’t wait to show you these.” And the shutter goes off again and again.  “You look peaceful, comfortable.”

I feel the intricate kinbaku knots running the length of my vertebras. Each of them supporting me like tiny cushions. The long thin ropes wrapped around my breasts, strategically placed to enhance nipple cresting, binding my torso to my spinal support is tight, but I can still breathe in and out comfortably. My legs are bent at the knees. I feel my heels dig in my hips and the slim steel bar rests comfortably in the folds of my butt and thigh joint. Another set of ropes and meticulous knots bind my wrists and ankles to the bar, spreading me open for my lover, as I dangle six and half feet in the air. Cool tendrils of air coming from the ceiling vent, tickle my nipples and labia. The sensation is delicious and erotic. “I am, because of you, the care you took to place me here.”

“Inhale,” the command is soft, but I don’t hesitate to comply and take a deep breath. My nostrils are filled with the aroma of crushed sage and lavender. My own concoction, a candle, when its wax melts it turns into a hot oil massage. The sound of a long wood match being run the length of grainy patch is music to my ears. The acrid smell of smoke as it catches and the more poignant one as it’s extinguish makes my nostrils twitch. “I’ll just leave this here for a bit,” he says before depositing the heavy burden on my navel. “Don’t move.” I breathe slowly trying to expand my diaphragm muscles as little as possible in order to keep the burning candle in balance on my body. “Good girl.”